I started two instagram accounts a month or so ago and have been experimenting with them.  They are @Gwynstone and @Etsygusto.  The first is more for my fun and personal, I have dabbled in using it for marketing but, I am tired of everything being about my ETSY shop.  But, for @Etsygusto I am enjoying having a sort of theme.  I regram three handmade or creative items in a them every few days and it is a fun project.

I have tried robolike, archie and now seeing what zengram can do.  I know a lot of people feel these automated services are wrong, but, I feel it is all about getting seen and if people are like you and like you they stay, if not, they unfollow and move on. Although it is very sad for me when I have a day when my followers drop in number, it is fun to see new accounts I would not have found otherwise. So… here are some things I have learned!

robolike:  If you are not careful you will end up with some unsavory posts that have been autoliked for you, also you get a lot of accounts that promise a lot of followers and that can get you account suspended in a hurry!

archie:  I decided to pay, then canceled and they were a hassle as they cancelled before the month I paid for was done, I did ask them to reactivate it but I was left a little frustrated and I did not see great results (but it could be the way I manged it).

All three depend on what you guide as per hashtags, zengram allows you a lot of different ways.

I love zengram above the other two, it is very inexpensive and flexible. If you can get by the typos in the site you can set it for three speeds, fast, med and slow and you can toggle between like and follows and unfollows. So if you want to eliminate some of the accounts you do not want to follow you can set it to unfollow too.

Overall, I would recommend zengram, I will post a follow up blog in a month or so!

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