3 interesting blogs about how natural stones can help you focus and reduce stress at work!

Work Stress
Work stress can feel like a huge boulder!

It creeps up on you but can begin to feel like a huge bolder rolling toward you. Work related stress. Even the coolest of professionals can quickly find themselves this situation: some kind of stress builds up and begins to weigh heavily.  It can stop you from focusing on the right things.

A great mechanism to help you refocus your energies can be to wear a piece of power stone jewelry.  Or you can find an item that you can hold or see of natural stone that can be a reminder of how to shift those energies. You need to move from the focus of negative environment to the internal energy to combat the stress and bring you back to center.

Consider some of these stones that many suggest can help you do just this. There very process of searching for the stone or crystal that can help you can be both fun and therapeutic! Not to mention accessorize! Wearing a necklace or other jewelry made of power stones can be the perfect solution. Consider one make of sodalite (blue with white flecks), Citrine (peachy translucent sheen) or Hematite (shiny black that can be magnetized).

Here are some quick facts from some of the best blogs about these stones:

Sodalite: – Debra, from Spirals of Light, says this about sodalite: “Sodalite offers a gentle soothing quality which can increase insight, intuition and mental abilities. It is useful as a stone for creative expression, assisting in finding one’s creative voice.”

Citrine: The Pike Peak Rock shop blog details many healing properties of citrine: “From a mental perspective, citrine activates nerve impulses, aids in concentration, and strengthens intelligence. According to metaphysical enthusiasts, citrine opens the higher mind to accept joy in one’s life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies.”

Hematite: Hematite’s mental properties according to one of my favorite sites that also offers gorgeous jewelry and malas: “hematite is known for balancing the body, it’s known for helping with creativity, logic, lowering negativity, and boosting self esteem.

Here is an example of how a piece of natural stone or crystal jewelry can help.
Ingrid has been moving along and feeling supported in her office, feels she contributes to meetings, and is challenged by her tasks. A new co-worker is moved into an office down the hallway who has a shrill voice. As the days turn to weeks Ingrid cannot concentrate when this co-worker is talking in the hallway. So many conversations about recipes or her children. It becomes the first thing she thinks about when coming into the office. It starts to stress her out the night before work too. She begins to feel angry and resentful.
Ingrid realizes that she cannot do anything to control this environment. she can manage her reaction. since she cannot wear earplugs at work, she decided to focus on positive ways to prevent her thinking about when the next loud conversation will happen.
Ingrid reads up on some blog post about the power of different stones. She decides to look for a black Hematite bracelet. She plans to wear it to work.  whenever the loud conversation starts, she will gently hold the stones on her wrist and turn the bracelet concentrating on the lovey feel of the natural stone.
After a few days, when the talk of recipes and family starts, she just feels the calm coolness of the natural stones, and can focus on her task at hand.
It does not matter how much you believe in the meta physical properties of stones and crystals. the process of reading up and searching for something lovely you can use as a focal object can find you that pathway to less stress.

Here are 3 blogs that describe some of the natural semi-precious gemstones.  Many handmade crafters on Etsy and other sites.  Beautiful handmade items for sale online that can help you target different kinds of work stress and fine a healthy way to combat it! Here are 3 of my favorite blogs to follow for this. Each is different in approach so you can find one that fits your level of belief in the stress reducing power of natural stone.


http://www.spiralsoflight.com/crystal-properties/ – this blog has an extensive list of crystals and stones by name and suggested properties

http://www.pikespeakrock.com/blog/ – this blog shares not just the metaphysical properties but also the places they are found and great descriptions on how the stones look

http://blog.sivanaspirit.com/ – this blog also covers items for a mindful life style like singing bowls and a favorite item I purchased from there a sterling silver Ohm ring.

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