Unakite couples bracelet - his hers bracelet - wedding shower gift - couples yoga gift - partner gift



Unakite couples bracelet - his hers bracelet - wedding shower gift - couples yoga gift - partner gift

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These set of unakite couples bracelets are wonderful as a masculine and feminine – his and hers bracelet set. A perfect wedding shower gift, couples yoga gift or partner gift.

Unakite is an unusual mix of spring green and pink hues. For the couple who is hard to find the perfect set for, this stone will be appreciated.

The masculine bracelet is 8 inches, the feminine design is 7 1/4 inches. These are the standard sizes for bracelets, but, an advantage of handmade gifts are the ability to make them individualized! So I can adjust larger or smaller, or send two feminine or two masculine designs as you need for that special pair. The simple toggle closures are sterling silver.

A bit more on the stone is below, and why it is the perfect his and hers or partner gift set:

Unakite Jasper brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Nature?s most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body. For lasting love, Unakite is traditionally sprinkled with dried yarrow and placed in a sealed bag as a marriage or commitment symbol.

Unakite Jasper is also called Epidote, for its main component deriving its name from the Greek epidosis meaning ?growing together.? An amalgamation of Red Jasper, pink Feldspar and green Epidote, Unakite is solidly bound together and is said to symbolize ?what comes together belongs together.?

So you see you cannot go wrong with this lovely set to celebrate a wedding couples new partnership!

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

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