The Clue


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The Clue – Transforming Color Necklace

Part of the Transforming Detective Collection by Gwynstone

What moody secrets are locked up inside?  Find out while wearing this triple mood color-changing necklace. The pendant is made of three transforming beads that will offer the needed clue to your inner secrets. This triumvirate of sultry tones will please the wearer to the core.

At room temperature, the beads are a colorful mosaic of golden earthy colors and when you wear them, the area around the center will change colors, adding bright purples, yellows, and greens — sometimes all at once! The top and bottom bead will move through a deeper set of warm tones.

Reminiscent of the mood beads of the 60’s decade, these beads change colors according to body temperature and environment. The beads are lightweight acrylic and look great dangling from the silver chain of 18 inches with a lobster clasp.

Attain this necklace for the perfect gift for your deeply creative writer or creative type.

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