The Astral Transformer


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The Astral Transformer – full moon color change earrings

Part of the Transforming Artful Detective Collection by Gwynstone

The evidence lies under the full moon, these spectral earrings appeared as a clue left at the scene for the observant to detect. Astral tones shimmer from one to the next, and give the power to the tides while lighting up the night sky. Transforming color changing orbs are suspended under the full and pleasant moon. What does it mean? Who will the man in the moon smile upon next? Only you may know ……

These handmade earrings have silver moons atop color-changing orbs – put them on and wait ‘til the mystery unfolds. At room temperature, the beads are a colorful mosaic of golden earthy colors, and when you wear them, orbs will shimmer under the watchful man in the moon and will change colors, adding bright purples, yellows, and greens — sometimes all at once!

Reminiscent of the mood beads of the 60’s decade, these beads change colors according to body temperature and environment. The beads are lightweight acrylic and look great when mixed with high quality sterling silver earwires, as they are here. Lever back earwires insure they will not get lost as they travel through time with the wearer.

Some facts about the moon color:

The moon never actually changes colors. Humans perceive it as being different colors due to atmospheric changes, the moon’s position in the sky, pollution or the seasonal tilt of the Earth.

Scattered Blue Light

When the moon is rising and setting, you view it through a thicker cross-section of atmosphere, which scatters blue light, so the reds and oranges of the light spectrum shine through the atmosphere more brightly.

Harvest Moon

The “harvest moon” is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. At this time, the moon rides an astronomical line called the ecliptic in the early evening. This forces us to view the moon through a thicker-than-usual section of atmosphere, causing the moon to look both very large and reddish.


The moon also appears to change color based on the particles in the atmosphere that are between you and the moon. Each has a different effect on the shift in color, and their effects are intensified based on the density of the particles in the atmosphere.

Blue Moon

The term “blue moon” doesn’t actually refer to the color of the moon. It is an old way of noting the second full moon in a calendar month. This doesn’t mean, though, that the moon is incapable of appearing bluish to us; dust particles in the Earth’s atmosphere can cause this color effect.


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