Woodland moth green carved aventurine pendant

A lovely little aventurine pendant, beautifully carved, will make you spirit take flight. A simple delicate gift on a silver snake chain with a small lobster clasp. This woodland resting moth will help you feel restful all day.

The moth animal totem is a sign to recognize our own vulnerabilities and utilize our own instincts and intuition, rather than relying solely on the concrete things that we can see in the daylight.
We are also called upon by the moth spirit guide to pay attention to the symbolism in our dreams, interpreting the information and applying it our lives, the moth is considered a symbol of : Psychic Abilities, Wisdom, Attraction, Faith, Determination, Secrets, and Fragility.

This carved moth is delicate just like they are. Rare to see but beautiful to behold, this green aventurine mimics the beautiful color of the real moth.

16 inch silver snake chain with small lobster clasp makes it easy to open and close to apply the scent.

A simple and thoughtful little gift for someone .