dip spreader - cheese knife - little dip knife - hostess gift - little gift for friend

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Dip spreader – cheese knife – little dip knife – hostess gift – little gift for friend.
Dip spreader cheese knife is handy little serving piece. The blue raku accent bead give it a boho flair. ?This is what you need for the spreadable cheese, or dip. If you love to make spinach dip then this is the perfect spreader! A nice little gift, with a pretty little raku blue pottery bead accent.

This will be appreciated as it is pretty and useful … it will not break your budget either. I can make these little knives in a variety of styles … let me know if you want favorite color made! I will send it in a nice box for your gift giving!

A bit about the Raku process:

The word “raku” means happiness in the accident. I have also seen an interpretation that says it is derived from the Kanji character meaning “enjoyment” or “ease”. Originally created for the Korean tea ceremony, this technique was subsequently found by ceramic adherents in the sixteenth century in Japan. Here is the process that is followed,?the fast removal of the piece from the furnace followed by covering it with flammable materials like natural wood sawdust to inhibit the?absorption?of oxygen to the molten enamel, produces the characteristic cracking effect from the thermal shock. ?The process of?Raku firing differs from other firing methods because the pots are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature.

The unique look of Japanese Raku pottery is achieved by utilizing both smoke and fire in the Raku kiln to create an unpredictable and unique style. Firstly the pottery is bisque fired , than glazed and fired in a Raku Kiln followed by enhancement in a reduction chamber. As opposed to normal pottery firing where the wares cool down slowly in the kiln and removed with gloves, Raku ware is removed immediately with tongs. In the traditional Japanese firing process, the pot is removed from the kiln while it is still glowing from the heat and put directly into water or allowed to cool in the open air

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  1. K Mully

    This has become one of my favorite shops on Etsy! The owner is very gracious, and helped with making the gift I ordered even more perfect! Beautiful workmanship!

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