Just getting started with twitter?

If you do not have a twitter account, it is very east to set one up.  There are some newbie mistakes you need to watch out for however.

Your name and handle will appear after sign up. So if you do not want your full name to appear, you need to think of that before you sign up. For example, here are three different ways to have an account appear:


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.07.22 PM

This is an example of a branding twitter where all your names and images have a theme


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.09.51 PM

This is an example of a new account where there is no banner uploaded but the actual name does not appear, again this occurs when you sign up so you have to be organized ahead of time to decide these things.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.12.31 PM

One more example of a twitter where it gives you an idea of the kind of things tweeted about visually but does not show a name.


Twitter can be used for all sort of things, so the profile tends to need some thought.  You should always have at least an icon ready to go, many people assume you will spam them or are a bot if you do not have a unique icon.

More on how to make a twitter account to support your creative business soon, if you you read this and are anxious for more then leave a comment and I will post it sooner as opposed to later!

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  1. its little things in my mind like if I wanted compliment someone on an item they make how would I word the compliment to send it. # etc.
    You see I just don’t understand how to use all the Symbols. Can You Please Explain the Symbols Used in Twitter. I
    would be very thankful.

    1. I can explain a bit for you! When you use the @ plus twitter name the person you are addressing will see that you want to make them aware of your comment. If you like an item they have shared you can also RT = retweet it. You can do this by clicking the gray arrows in the box below, or you can click on the heart symbol that they will see to favorite it meaning also that you like it. Let say you like a pair of earrings someone shared, you could do this @Gwynstone those are some gorgeous earrings? Will you be doing any free give a ways featuring this in the future? Gwynstone would see that comment in their feed and perhaps respond with “Yes @curh I am doing one soon! I will DM you when I do”. both of these comments would be public. A DM stands for direct message and they are not public. Finally… if you think maybe @Gwysnstone has launched a give a way and you missed it, you could search #giveaway or #gwynstone and see all the the posts tagged that way to see if a give a way tweet was made.

      Hope this help a bit Thanks for the comment ~

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