Welcome to Gwynsiders Handmade blog.

I am a fellow creative who enjoys all types of social media. You can find me all over with the tag, handle, username handle (you get the idea) of Gwynstone.  I started selling my handmade gifts in 2008 on ebay. My first sale was a buckeye necklace to a fan of The Ohio State University football team.  I have over 20 buckeye trees on my property and it is always a hoot to pick them up and marvel at their smooth waxy surface.

I have recently been selling on ETSY, it is a challenge to keep up with all the changes.  I have spent a lot of time following some of the major coaches and helfpul groups to learn what I can about getting seen among so many other handmade items.  This blog is one way I am hoping to share some of my perspectives!

You can see my major social network and selling actives here!

Bunny earrings can be found on my ETSY store www.etsy.com/gwynstone

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