Gwynstone sees each of her handmade pieces as an expression of her life experiences. Her academic focus on the global seas was born of a longtime passion for nature and connection. Together, her interests led her to travel seeking shores and open waters to connect with the unexpected. Her eye is drawn to gemstones that evoke sea, sky and sand, interspersing them with silvery ripples of sterling silver components.

Gwynstone’s designs emphasize the organic, raw materials that have become increasingly precious as natural resources diminish. While her science background certainly informs her work, the influences of nature dominate, permeating her handcrafted jewelry with the colors of nature, the undulations of water and wind, the passion of fire, and the luminous translucence of clean air.

She sees the integration of materials as power of mind and body  that support focus and clarity as central to her designs.  These creations are sensual but strong and are effortlessly assimilated into a woman’s every movement.

Gwynstone is over the moon happy that everyone who gives a Gwynstone Originals handmade gift knows they are getting a gift that is authentic, unique, and made with the receiver in mind.

Before the creation of Gwynstone Originals as a budding handmade gift venue, she was a college professor teaching marine science. Then one day a friend showed her how to work with semi-precious gemstones to make a necklace, after seeing the beauty of ocean jasper dancing among sterling silver beads she was hooked.

There was a concern at first that no one else would like the designs, but happily they are very much appreciated and people love to get and give Gwynstone creations as gifts!

So then,  it was time to try at sharing at local farm market and art fairs — this failed miserably!  Wonderful in sunshine but not so much in rain!

It was then decided to set out to create an online site that would allow people to find and attain these great gift items so people who need help finding that cool gift that no one else will find for them can browse as long as they like rain or shine 🙂 Handmade jewelry and custom designed bookmarks or jewelry will make the receiver smile.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than one might have imagined. It is very difficult to get in contact with those who need to find a quality gift, so there was a need to learn as much as possible about  both working with stones AND website design!

This learning journey took Gwysntone from selling buckeye necklaces on ebay in 2000, to the two lines of products she designs  and oversees today.  A designer line of jasper jewelry is found within the Zenmundi Design group, this jewelry line has been worn by celebrities and appeals to those who want to feel connected to the planet while having a rustic but stylish look. You can find these designs at www.zenmundi.com.  Here at Gwynstone Originals you will find all kinds of other gifts including wine stoppers, magnifier glasses, and many earrings some especially for the animal lover.

Among the links in Gwynstone Originals you will find a quick and dependable location for best quality handmade jewelry and gifts to help you give the gift that no one else will find. Of course if that gift turns out to be a gift for you, even happier. You deserve it!

After many years having a store on ETSY,  Gwynstone is moving on to face the global cyber world by offering these gifts in a stand alone website.  Let it help you find the perfect surprise for that person you want to please with a one of a kind gift.

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~ Many people ask about my name, it is part of my first name Gwynne, and part of my maiden name (that is also the materials I love to work with the most – stone!). Thanks Mom for naming my business endeavor just right!