Handmade Gifts
For All Your Giving Needs

Made With Passion

Made by hand

You want to find the perfect gift, handmade gifts are thoughtful and made with high quality.

For that special gift

Handmade gifts tell a story.  Inspired by a favorite animal, picked with the person in mind, or in a special natural stone your gift shows you want to share in their story.

Each piece is unique

Natural materials and hand crafted gifts will please all the senses. You deserve a special gift too.

Designed with Nature in mind

Your purchase of a Gwynstone Original handmade gift is gentle on the planet. Natural base materials sustainably sourced.

Our Favorite Collections


You can never go wrong giving a gift of jewelry 


 Essential oil fragrances can travel with you throughout your day

Animal Lovers

Animal lovers enjoy something to remind them of their favorite critter

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What is your favorite animal?

Everyone has their favorite kinds of animals to think about.  Feather furs or scales? Claws, fins or toes?  So many kinds of inspiration! 

Natural Stones

There is something so lovely about feeling natural stones against your skin.  You can sometimes feel the vibrations supporting you as you wear or hold a crystal.

One of a Kind

Why Our Customers Love Us

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